a blog dedicated to amazing moms

Apprentice Life 101, is a special place that I created to share useful information for moms like me! that when they first became mothers, faced a sea of ​​doubts and information, which instead of giving us peace of mind only created more confusion.


Because we all want the best for our little ones and we want to make our own decisions understanding the importance of an informed motherhood.

Because we want to know our options to be able to select what best suits our needs and lifestyle.

Because we are in search of a balance that includes us. Because we are more than Moms.

Because we are willing to give more than a 100% in everything we do, understanding that we are not perfect, although many times we want to be superheroines and fulfill all the roles that society imposes on us.

It is a space where we try to figuring out motherhood cultivating a beginner mindset, that allows us to put aside prejudices and keep an open mind to new ideas.
It is the result of many days looking for a new passion, new ideas but also the beginning of a completely new experience. And we want you to be part of this.

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