Are Good Values ​​Something Of The Past?

When good values are teach from the example and not just as a statement. Values like respect have to be earn not just from our kids, but also as parents we have to earns our kids respect.

We have to predicate with the example, telling your kids to be honest and respectful and then acting in front of them in an opposite way, does not set the right message. We have to be congruent with what we say, project and the way we act.

In order to earn our kids respect we have to value and understand their feelings and emotions, and be empathic. we don't have to be happy all the time everyday. we are humans and being sad or angry doesn't mean something wrong is happening.

On the contrary, accepting our kids emotions is a great way to earn their respect and confidence. Give value to their stuff doesn't matter their age, show them appreciation for their achievements, friends, works and points of view. The idea is to raise people with confidence and good self-esteem.

Put in the fridge their school paints, remember that is this way when they are bigger they will also show value, respect and love for your own achievements.Teach them the value and importance of taking care of their toys, colors and clothes.

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