Are You Ready To Be A Mom? Then let's look for your ovulation sticks

Updated: Mar 11, 2020

Just a suggestion!

It's amazing as we always think we know everything about how to get pregnant, but really how many things we don't know about the process?

The truth is that getting pregnant is really a miracle, something that we can never control 100% and that involves many factors.

When we decided it was time to expand our family, many doubts and fears came to me. We all know that couple who succeeded at the first attempt and the other who has been trying for years without success ... and you wonder, what will be my case?

But things of destiny, I was in a store and I got some ovulation sticks, which caught my attention and were decisive in my daughter's arrival into our lives.

Maybe because of ignorance but I always thought I had to wait for the ovulation day to try to conceive a baby, but it turns out that it isn't.

However, the day of ovulation is key! and with these ovulation sticks you can measure your hormonal level and determine with less range of error your most fertile days …

I am not a specialist but they definitely helped me, so if you are in the sweet search I for sure recommend it!

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