Baby Shopping List For Brand New Moms

Updated: Mar 25, 2020


As part of my homework as a new mom was to research about what my baby will be needing, reading many reviews, blogs and even asking a lot of mom experts about the topic.

I will be sharing my list with you guys! This is not a sponsored ad! and remember that every mom has different needs, budgets and realities. So, I will be sharing what I bought and it works for me… I mean If I need to do it again I will buy it all over again in a very romantic way of putting it.

Also, I am sharing the link from amazon because I find it is the easiest way, but not because they have the cheapest price.So always checked other stores before buying it!

Remember this is from 2017! many things could have changed and maybe there are newer versions of some products!

To avoid making it too long I will be dividing it by different topics such as clothes, for feeding, bath time, for the baby's bedroom and accessories in general.


  • onesies bodysuit, you can buy the style that you prefer and take in consideration the weather where you live, I bought all of them sleeveless and even used them under the clothes. I also recommend buying

at least 4 from 0-3 months or newborn depend of the size of your baby

at least 4 from 3-6 months

at least 4 from 6-9 months

at least 4 from 9-12 months

  • A pack of socks of each size from 0 to 12 months

  • Depending on the weather, 2 baby beanie and 2 pairs of baby mittens.

  • Gowns, always look for the ones that are cute but also practical referring to the diaper changes. That is more often than you think.

  • Sleepers, I would definitely recommend to add at least 3 to your shopping list

  • soft shoes or booties.


  • Diapers. Most people recommend having plenty of diapers on your baby registry list. However, I would recommend having some but not too many in case your baby is bigger than expected or could have some sensitivity to some brands of products.

  • Diaper Bin. There are many styles and brands. I think that space will be important while making the decision. I am sure you want maximum stink control but also take into consideration that some stylists require special bags. So I will always recommend the ones that could also use generic bags.

  • Diaper rash ointment. I have been using desitin from the beginning. I personally prefer the blue one, because the purple has some funny smell.

  • Wipes. the same as the diaper. I suggest you first try and then buy a bunch.

  • Diaper Bag. I love my diaper bag! Was one of the first things that I bought! Is not the smallest one, but has many compartments and also includes the case for de wipes and the changing pad.

To avoid feeling overwhelmed I have divided this list by subjects! such as things for the bedroom, bathtime, nursing products and others!

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