Baby Sleep Essentials

Updated: Mar 16, 2020

Printable checklist at the end!

The truth is that when you are a mom you never sleep in the same way you used to, and there's nothing that can assure you that your sleep patterns will remain the same.

However you could have some accessories that could smooth the process and make it a little bit easier. The idea is to be prepared!

Is true that at the beginning many times your baby will fall asleep on top of you or in your arms, but for more delicious this could sound. It is really important to have a place for your baby to sleep. Mostly for safety reasons it is not a good idea to put your baby in the middle of the bed without protection.

  • There are very popular choices right now and all will depend on your space and personal taste but mostly I will recommend DOCK A TOT if you want your baby to sleep in the same bed. More Details and special prices on the link above!Or a NEXT TO ME if you want them next but with their own space.

  • SWADDLE, for me is a total MUST! Now I understand why you see all newborns swaddle up at hospitals, sleeping super cute...Personally I never learn to properly swaddle my baby so she always finds a way to untied it!, but this product totally solved my problem.

  • Sound Machine. Actually there are even apps if you are not so sure about investing in this. But I can assure you It was a game changer.

  • Baby Monitor. I bought 3 different models until I find the right one for me. First I bought this model that was a real good deal, however I didn't realize at the moment that in order to here or watch my baby a need it to have the app open it all the time, which practically inhabilitate my phone. Then I bought the traditional two way audio, but started to freak me out some sounds that I didn't understand at the beginning! And the third one is Angel Care really good camera, it also tells you the room temperature. But at night the light is really strong, doesn´t work too far away from the room or if you have many walls in between, but have all the gadgets that we need.

At the end, I know that we all have this huge ilusion to have the baby's room all ready before arrived, but your baby won't be really using from the beginning so don't get to stress about finding the right crib.

So, in case you're looking for some ideas, here is my favorite CRIB Babyletto Hudson 3-in-1 convertible that can convert into a bigger bed and even a sofa.

Don´t forget to buy

  • Mattress for the crib

  • Sheets



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