Back-to-School same as Back-To-Virus

Updated: Feb 20, 2020

Before my daughter started preschool I was already giving her vitamin C, putting all the essential oils into practice in order to boost her immune system!... And then the first day arrived and she was super happy and everything went as planned. The second day was also great but I started to see her a little bit –weird- but I was crossing my fingers wishing that I was just being paranoiac. But the 3rd day started with the runny nose!

I repeated to myself –It´s normal, everybody warned you about it- is almost the price of this new stage. I did everything that I was supposed to, and the next Monday, she was ready to go again to the school. But the same happen again, first day fine, second day good and on Wednesday she was already showing sign of a new cold!

Every mother knows that is not only the suffer of seeing your kids sick but also means that you won’t be able to sleep, work or continue with your regular routine.

I even started questioning myself, my decisions, maybe it was too early for school? Or maybe I am not doing the things right. I even developed a special routine that included picking her from school and immediately wash her hands, take her home to change her clothes and bathe her with warm water as the doctor recommended and applying on her feet essential oils. It was almost a ritual, that wasn’t working!

I tried to breathe and understand that the first month was supposed to be like this, she was already easy with all the transition, so it was just a thing of Flu! But then I found out that I wasn´t alone and actually my girl was one of the healthiest in the classroom, while she was suffered from a cold, the others had Pneumonia, Bronchitis, Laryngitis.

End of the discussion, the vitamin C and essential oils did work!

My favorites are Peppermint + Lavender + Lemon, in a roll-on that I applied 3 times daily on chest when I start seeing some signs of Flu, on the diffuser Lemon + Peppermint and before going to bed a mix with Melaleuca + Oregano + Frankincense + On Guard + Lemon!, and on regular basis the same mix without oregano.

Also I am now trying equinacea drops that I mix in the water and elderberries syrup. I will let you know how is going the second month! Wish me luck!

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