Bedtime .... NO!

A typical nightly battle. Generally, the transition to bedtime takes longer than expected, and sometimes even becomes a stressful time for the family.

But what can we do to improve the process and transform it into a pleasant time for the family.

BE CONSISTENT It is important to create routines that help us to have more control as parents. When your kids understand the process, everything becomes easier and more manageable. The ideal is to assign an hour to sleep, and thus begin a few minutes before organizing everything. This implies lowering the revs , turning off even the electronic devices, so that when the time comes the environment is more relaxed. The objective is to create an environment conducive to bedtime. Obviously if we interrupt the best moment of the movie, the best conversation or the funniest moment of the game, our call to sleep will not be received in the best way. What we want to avoid is to associate the bedtime with something negative. But if we achieve a closure of the activities at least 30 minutes before bedtime, we can create a relaxed and happy environment. In addition, if we include relaxing activities such as reading a story, talking about the day, meditating, breathing or even praying within the routine, We will also reduce the probabilities of having bad dreams as a result of over stimulation. Keep in mind the age of your children the sleep patterns usually vary as they grow.

Prevent them from reaching this point when they are over tired, making harder falling asleep. Ask them if they want to sleep with a favorite toy, usually this brings them security while they sleep, or if they wake up at night.

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