Burntout Syndrome

It's real, exists and Moms could have it too! We now before even getting pregnant that being a mom is a full time job, that it will never ever end. But one thing is that someone told you that and totally different to experience it.

The concept of moms, in this decade has been escalated to superwoman. Everyone including us, expect that as a mom we have to be able to solve any problem, any job, any tamtrun with a smile.

And as a Superwoman, our daily task have increased exponentially. And this situation could make you feel exhausted physically and emotionally.

Are there days when you feel overwhelmed, tired and more vulnerable than normal?

You could be experiencing what´s called the burnout syndrome. It is a reaction in your body as consequences of a long term exposure to too many stress. Which is something really common in parents.

Many daily task as washing the dishes never end! so this could also have a negative reaction in our brain that feels that we never complete the task.

In motherhood there are many things that are out of our control so this also add to our already stressful day an extra ingredient of unpredictability.

Trying to give the best and doing the right things is totally normal and part of being parents but pushing ourselves to our limits could definitely harm our health. So, respect your body and your limits, in order to avoid this kind of syndromes.

Remember, that a happy mom is equal to a happy family, so the keys are organization and free time. Taking time for yourself doesn't mean being selfish on the contrary you are setting the right example for your kids, to value their time, health and life.

If you are concerns about the symptomes, check if you're having problem getting to sleep, feeling tired, having some digestive problems, headache.

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