Encourage Your Child To Speak

Like the rest of the processes of the child's development, there are many factors that can affect and can influence him, from his personality, his environment and deeper issues that must requiere a specialists.

However, there are certain activities that we can do at home to motivate speech development, always keeping in mind that each child is different.


The main thing is that if we want our son to speak more, we must speak to them, and not as a baby but as an older child who understands us. That doesn't mean that we are going to speak to him in a strong tone, but with complete words. Short but meaningful sentences.

Our children will act in response to the way they are treated by us, while we facilitate their understanding through signs and sounds, we won't be motivating their effort to develop their communication skills. Take several minutes a day for frequently asked questions even when they're too young to answer. Tell him about the activities they are going to do during the day, his routine while you dress him, brush his teeth and eat.

In this way you will not only be stimulating him, but you will make the process more fun, create a nice connection and expand his vocabulary. In the same way, before going to bed, summarize what they did during the day, ask him what he likes, tell him a story. Motivate him, no matter if he says a single word at first, it is a process that takes time. STORIES

Involve reading in your daily routine, get a story about a topic that he likes and read it with him every day. This is an excellent way to help him improve his pronunciation. WORD GAMES

The idea is that learning in children is always linked with pleasant moments and fun. Therefore, not only will it be easier for parents but it will motivate the child's participation. Activities as simple as naming elements in your environment or pointing out the elements when naming them, are some tools that allow you to exercise their language and expand their vocabulary. Children love to imitate adult games. So, make a call to someone they love and allow him to ask some questions and tell about their day. Like everything in life, to improve any skill the most important thing is practice.

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