Expect the Unexpected

Updated: Jan 28, 2020

When i found out i was pregnant i bought the most famous books, started practicing prenatal yoga, watched all the videos and even did a workshop about breastfeeding, natural birth and motherhood 101 pretty much!

I just wanted to be prepare for all the process and to be relaxed I decided to spend my time learning.

BIG MISTAKE! I should have spent that time sleeping! But you know no one learn from others mistakes!

At the end I was 100% clear about how I dreamed, planned and prepared for my baby birth, and even had a birth plan writing down.

THE PROBLEM! Apparently my baby didn’t received the memo or worst my first lesson as a mom was to let go and realize that we can’t plan everything!

And after 41 weeks, 24 hours of Pitocin, contractions and pain I was only 2 cm dilating. So, the option was a C-section. So, let’s focus on the big picture, and after 2 hours there was a healthy mom and beautiful baby girl! (I have to confess that I even cried a little when the doctor told me that was time for a C-section! I Felt like in a way my body fail me…)

It was like nothing was going according to the plan and this made me really anxious. My way of overcome my fears was always with knowledge avoiding the unpredictability and giving me the sensation of control.

But after I gave birth a friend recommend a book that totally change my mind! Bringing Up Bebe! The book is mostly about why French parenting helps kids eat all kind of food and not just baby food, behave themselves, and sleep all night. But what really caught my attention is the comparative the author did about how in the USA mothers since they know they are pregnant ¨rush to buy some pregnancy guide…and Within days and are on prenatal vitamins and addicted to BabyCenter´s online¨ GUILTY!

We start to question if everything is safe. Is it safe to get a manicure? Some says yes others says no. -for the Americans motherhood comes with homework. We also become experts in everything that can go wrong.

But she realized that this anxiety wasn´t present on French moms.

They don’t have a MUST book to read, they don’t spend hours researching about what kind of parents they want to be or birth techniques. They are committed with being calm and pamper their inner woman. And apparently something is working because their babies sleeps through the night since they are very little, eat the same food as adults and are less fussy.

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