Happy Mom = Happy Baby

Updated: Feb 20, 2020

The hardest part to be a new mom is to don’t forget about yourself! Yes! It´s easy to get lost in pampers, breast feeding, crying and many other things that comes with a new baby.

My advice, is to take your time, accept that your life has change at least temporarily and that is ok to be in sweatpants for a while.

However don’t forget about yourself, take at least 5 minutes daily for you, to get to know you as a Mom, but also to relax, think about the things that you’re passionate about it!

These short times are not guilty pleasures are just minutes to recharge your energy! That will allow you to embrace every moment and stage in your life.

There are many changes in a short period of time that includes hormonal changes that could also affect your moods and self-esteem. I am not a doctor or an expert, but I am a mom that was dedicating 100% of my time to her baby, and that sometimes was too tired to enjoy the moment, because I felt guilty if I left my baby for a minute or considered that no one could do the things as I expected.

But then arrived the time to get back to work and leaving my 3 month old baby with a stranger and I realized that is not about the quantity of time but the quality. And that relax and happy mom translates on a happy baby.

Now, I dedicate my after office time to play, learn and share special moments with my daughter. And I am proud to say that she is a happy independent girl.

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