Hello! two red stripes!

Updated: Feb 20, 2020

That moment you forget what this even means! you have to start looking for the already read instructions. You dont even know if you want to cry or laugh.

In my case i was alone, i couldn´t wait more. I went to buy not one, not two but three pregnancy test!

For me is very important to feel that I have everything undercontrol FIRST BIG MISTAKE!

General in life but specially in maternity and as a mom you learn that nothing will be as you expected! and in this is where actually is the true magic!

The first test was very subtle pink, and as I was alone at home I called my husband inmediatly! I said, Baby I think I am pregnant, and his answer, as I didn´t expected, -Ok we talked later at home-. I dont know what I was actually thinking, but maybe I have watched too many movies and though he was going to jump! scream jajaj as I did.

actually he was so scared that he couldn´t believe. he asked me to do another test and the light pink turn to be a dark pink! and I found him seating reading again and again de instrucctions to be sure he was reading it right.

The true is that become parents is something so magical and hard to explain that is actually very scary!

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