How To Handle Frustrations And Changes In Children

As adults we often find it difficult to face goodbyes, as parents how we can instruct ourselves and have tools to provide our children with the different changes and goodbyes they will have to face throughout their lives

From the beginning in a new classroom, a change of school or the departure of a loved one ... These are situations that can be stressful for our kids. Especially, when they are young they do not understand or know how to interpret and express their feelings. Bbut that does not take away what they feel and experience. On the contrary, The most important task we have as parents is to respect our children feelings. *Help them translate their feelings into words *Explain them that many times you have felt the same way *Don't embarrass them *Do not punish them for being afraid, sad or vulnerable It is these moments where communication is KEY! Isolating them is not the solution.

At this time is when we must provide them with security and love to strengthen our bond with them.

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