Involve your kids with the Chores at Home

Updated: Apr 29, 2020

When you involve your kids with the daily chores at home since they are little everything is easier. First of all, when they are little the love to help and feel useful. Also the love to imitate us.

So, mama take advantage and delegate some responsibilities in your kids. It will not only teach them the importance to get involved with their family and help, but, also give them a sense of responsibility and value for the work at home.

Doesn´t matter is you are a stay at home mom or if you work at an office, home chores take a lot of time and it's better when it divide in the family. Also if you get use to do it, there is a time that they won’t feel it as homework and instead will be part of their daily routines.

Everybody knows that happy mom is equal to happy kid. So, I am sure everyone at home will be more that pleased to help. So, maybe if you assign everyone a task it will be easier.

Remember that this doesn´t mean the will do it the way you want it, but is part of the deal. So, do not the unmotivated by correcting them. On the contrary encourage and congratulate them. Take the time to teach them who to do it correctly always keeping in mind the ages and skills of each one.

Turn that moment into a fun part of the day, and don't do it for them. This, is an excellent moment to teach them values such as commitment, honesty, responsibility and many other things that your kids will need as a grow ups.

At the end of the day, they will have someday their own house and will appreciate to have this knowledge, regardless of gender.

Want to be even more organized? Here is a free printable chart to help with the process!

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