Is It Sharing Always Caring?

Our Kids are always super excited everytime the have a playdate. But sometimes, this turn into a very stressfull moment for parents. When every game ends in to a fight for some toys! specially when they are little and have the sense that they own the world.

But on the other hand, sometimes I put in their shoes, and it could be really hard. Imagine that you have a new cellphone and are super happy about showing it to your friend. But one thing is showing it and other different is giving it.


Apparently, part of parenthood is also teaching our kids to share... Fun story, when my daugther was starting kindergarten I was a little bit anxious about how she will react when some kid took a toy from her.. but my surprise was that one of the first phrase that she learned at school was.. Is Mine!

Actually, she Is always very into the giving gift to her friends, and sharing snacks with them. However regarding to toys everything is different. So, let me share with you some tips regarding this tricky topic.


*Make it fun!, when your kids realize that is more fun to play with others sharing, and taking turns, everything will be easy.

*baby steps, dont pushed it too far. Try to make it that is your kid idea to share the toy to have more fun.

*Talking is always a good idea, no matter how small is your kid, explain why is better to share. Try to asking them whyt dont want to share. Take into consideration their emotions.

*Give them ideas, suggestions and solutions. For example, you dont wan´t to to share that car? why dont try to take turns? or looks for other toy that it is easier to share?. change the topic, put their attention on other object.

*Before a playdate have a talk, explained them that they will have a lot of fun during the playdate but it is important to share to enjoy.

*Make sure that the other kids is taking good care of your kid toys to protect their feelings. If your kid sees that someone is hitting their toys, probably wont be open for sharing on their next playdate.

And never forget that their are still kids, that are learning how to control their emotions, so one step at a time and have plan A, Plan B, Plan C, just to make sure everyone have a good time.

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