Let Me Tell You A Secret…. it´s important to be kind to yourself

While everyone is looking for a new diet or a new routine for this new year… my goal is just to enjoy life, not be more skinny, my goal is to be healthier but not only on the outside but in the inside.


Stop comparing to other, to appreciate my life every single day, to enjoy it! To reconnect with my friends! Sing, dance! Even eat sweet once in a while! Find balance!

When You are a Mom your wishlist start with the most basic things such as 5 minutes of silence or even go to the bathroom ALONE! Don’t get me wrong I love to be a Mom but that doesn’t mean sometimes I feel like running away!

This is why it is important to have time for yourself, dedicate time to pamper you and not just your kids and your husband.

I want to be more flexible but also more kind to myself.


So, I invite you to join me in this new perspective of live and now take a minute to think how you will be kind today and everyday to yourself?

Don´t have much idea on how to start? what about a long bath, a cup of wine, listen to your favorite music and sing at loud! and you will remember how fun it is to sing more that Old Mc Donald Had a Farm...

It has been proven that remembering happy and exciting moments from the past segregates the same seretonins and even more than when we lived it for the first time!

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