Make Every Day Special

It begins a new months and the year feels like flying in the same way our kids are growing up.

One day you are concern about breastfeeding and the next one your are buying all the essentials for the first day of school.

I am really trying to enjoy every moment and make the most of it! This is why, since I am a mom I decided to celebrate and enjoy every occasion and festivity. It doesn´t matter if it is part of my culture or is just something created for the industry to increase their sales as many people believe is the real reason for celebrating valentine's day.

But, let's use it as an excuse to make a special moment and step out of the routine.

This year for valentine's day I organized a very simple but special bags for my daughter´s classmates. So, she was able to share and enjoy this day with her school friends.

Life is about creating memories, So, let's do it together. Is not about spending a lot of money. On the contrary, take advantage of social media and all the perfect and incredible moms that post super ideas on pinterest!

I made some cute cards and I filled the small goodie bags with some -healthy treats- or at least not so sugary snacks suchs as goldfish cookies and natural gummy bears!

The idea is to spread a little happiness into the world. Is incredible how a little a unexpected gesture could turn around your day.

Look for some ideas on Pinterest!….and make this day magic! Also I left you some printables on the blog

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