May Your Patience Be Stronger Than Your Postpartum Hair!

The first months of a baby are not the easiest! I tried to be very dedicated with the breastfeeding. I didn´t had the biggest supply but i was totally focused on the process.

As hard it could sound I was feeling a little bit guilty about wasn’t able to have a natural labor, so I was determined to breastfeed mu baby for at least 6 months

Big disclaimer - breastfeed wasn’t easy... and I totally understand those moms that decide to choose another option for their babies. I believe that today people judge for everything you do and don’t do.

But at that time for me was like all-in! All or nothing…It was like this was going to define me as a mom! TOTALLY WRONG!

My breast pump started to be my best friend. I spent at least 30 minutes for 5oz! And that was like WAO! While my friends produced the same amount in 15minutes!

NEVER compare your kid with other or doubt of your mother skills! On the contrary follow your instinct! Only you know what’s best for your baby! And enjoy the process!

They grow so fast you'll soon miss it!

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