Mom Also Need A Break Sometimes

Updated: Mar 13, 2020

Is not a secret that motherhood is a full time job! no matter if you are a stay home mom or a full executive. Being Mom implies time!.

But that doesn't mean you don't deserve time for yourself. On the contrary a happy mom reflects into a happy family. so it is really important to teach our children that we are humans, that also could make mistakes and need space.

Is normal that they believe that we are their property but also it is our job to teach them that even though we are and will always be there and for them, they have to respect our time and space.

I discover that it is especially important to have our own hobbies, that not forgetting or leaving aside those things that we were passionate about and made us happy before becoming a mother, since that is also part of who we are.

Somehow our children do not belong to us and they eventually will grow up, they will be more independent and they will make their own lives, and we have to be prepared for this moment.

In addition showing to them that as moms we also enjoy other activities is a great way of teaching them how to become independent and at some point they will also be interested in some hobby or sport that will enrich their life.

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