Most Common Nursing Challenges

As a new mom I sincerely believe that everyone tells only the good part of everything. We see in all social media the smiley mom’s breastfeeding their babies in the most natural way possible, making it seems so easy.

But as a new process and experience this could also represent a challenge. Big disclaimer the experience of everyone is totally different. So, the most important lecture in the breast-feeding and motherhood in general is not setting the other´s experience as the only truth.

There are moms that are truly natural and have a supply bigger than their babies demands. But there are others that have to overcome one or more challenges.

I consider important to have some perspectives about the difference sceneries. The idea is to avoid quitting due the lack of information. Also many of the hard times could be overcome with information and persistence.

One accesory that for me was really helpful was the breast-pump, creating my milk storage from the beginning. It also helped me to increase my production, have some free time and involve my husband in the process, let it him taking charge of some meal times.

However, take into consideration that many specialist don’t recommend giving bottles to your baby when they are too young to avoid confusion on the latching. Even, they suggest to use small glasses instead of bottles.


· Thrush, is a yeast infection of the nipple or breast that your baby can get it too. The symptoms are: red, shiny and burning nipples.

· Blocked Ducts, I could say that this is something that happens to all breastfeeding moms.

*Without a doubt the best way to solve is with more breastfeeding. While your baby is eating massage the area towards the nipple.

*Take a bath and interchange between cold and hot water.

*Also a good option is changing the nursing position. The idea is to take advantage of gravity. So your bubbies are dangling down (like a cow jajaj)

It is important to look for the cause to avoid to happen it again, it could be due a too tight bra, sleeping position, a long time without breastfeeding, and many other reasons. Also, taking a bath and massage was a big reliever for me.

· Mastitis, is the inflammation of the breast caused by a blocked milk ducts, excessive supply and engorgement. The most common symptoms are breast tenderness, fever, headache, burning sensation and skin redness.

For more details in symptoms contact your doctor or visit MAYO CLINIC

EXTRA TIP! In case you are wondering what medicines you could take while breastfeeding visit E-LACTANCIA

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