Motherhood Is Not Easy But It Will Get There

Updated: Feb 20, 2020

We live in a world of social media where there is fantasy created by Pinterest, where totally amazing moms creates an illusion and unattainable standard of perfection. So, when the moment arrives there is a big contrast between expectation and reality.

But let's see the bigger picture, motherhood is totally a new experience for everyone involved and even if it's not your first baby, every experience is different and each baby has his own personality and challenges.

So, why does everybody say that it's easier with the second one? Is not that it will get easier, we will have to face the same challenges and demands, but is our own attitude towards maternity that change!

We act more relaxed! We have more realistic expectations and we also are more secure about what to do and how to act and react.

Let focus on what to do in order to smooth the process.

*If you want to be more secure, get information, help and be prepare

*Let’s put everything in to context and realize that is just a phase, is not going to be perfect, but that doesn't mean that is not enjoyable and magic.

*Put a positive attitude, focusing on the positive things is going to make everything seems different.

*If you are more relax with your baby, your baby also will be more relax

Be honest with yourself and value every effort that you made everyday to keep a tiny little human alive!

Set your priorities and understand that it is not possible to control everything and choose! Between a clean house, a perfect wife or a happy baby.

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