Our Emotions Are Everything

We are living in a different era, were people is becoming interest on taking care of nature, people are questioning the brands they buy, how products are made, but also are looking to have a healthy lifestyle.

And I consider myself one of them! For many years I have been looking for new options, have dedicated time reading labels of the products I consume, and improve my life in many ways. But the truth is that doesn´t matter if you only eat organic and do exercise everyday you also need to have healthy relationships and feel happy! With what you are and with your life.

So I added to my daily to-do list * be more aware of my emotions*

Is it really worth it to be upset for something that you can´t change?

Many of the disease are due to unsolved emotional problems. Which in a way is great, because it give us the chance to empower and avoid or reduce the probability of some illness. It allow us to take action and make changes.

A long time ago, my aunt gave me a book that at that moment I found it quite interesting but that now seems indispensable *the emotional causes of diseases*. And it shows and explain how every diseases is actually link with an emotion.

So, if you are upset or angry about a situation just change your behavior and you would be able to see the transformation not only on a specific problem but also on the people that are around you.

Everything is really energy and you attract what you projects, and I did it and it worked! Focused on the things you want and even declare that they are already your reality and stop focusing in what you want to change!

I have to accept that’s not that easy, that takes time and is an endless transformation but in the meantime my essential oils have been my perfect companion.

My Favorites are Balance (Doterra blend) and lavender, both allow me to see everything in a perspective, brings me harmony to the mind and body and provides me a grounding with balancing effect on emotions.

Maybe essential oils don’t work for you and it´s ok! But look for those things that motivate you and makes you happy.

Life is short, LIVE your dream and share your passion!

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