Parenting Styles

Did you know what type of parent are you regarding your parenting style? Are you part of the ones that believe that it is really important to be involved in every aspect of your child´s life or you prefer to give your kids more room?

Every time we have more information, more sources and opinions telling us how we should or shouldn´t raise our kids. So I started to research and found out about what means being and Helicopter Parent. Apparently a type of parenting that –represents- parents values between 1990s and 2000s.

Helicopter parents, is a term that refers to over-parenting, which are really into their children´s education, activities and basically obsessed of every aspect of their kid life.

Many could consider that this overprotecting parenting style could end in dependent adults with low self-esteem who believes that are not capable of doing things by themselves. Kids raised under this parenting style usually have less free time to plat due to over-programming by their parents.

Without a doubt, all parents give the best of us in raising our children, and those who support this type of parenting do so based on their interest in giving the best education and the best possible future to their children.

There are many factors that define our way of being as parents, our education, how our parents raised us, our values, fears ​​and the environment in which we live.

No doubt today we hear so much horrible news that what we most want is to be able to put them in a bubble so that it never hurts them. But many times by overprotecting them due to our own fears, we may be preventing them from living their childhood and even developing their talents. Or even make them feel so pressured that as adults they end up doing the opposite as a way of rebelling.

As an opposite parenting style are Free-Range parenting, who believe in giving their kids the enough space so they can make mistakes, with fewer social commitments and more freedom. This parents value the time their kids have to explore and play.

Without a doubt, there is no perfect recipe for being parents, it is something that we learn every day and that varies with each child. But without a doubt the most important thing is to have communication as the main tool, and to find a way to always put everything in perspective to find a balance. The ideal is to give your kids more freedom while there are showing personal responsibility as a show of our confidence in them.

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