Pregnancy the happiest time.. They Say

Updated: Feb 20, 2020

Actually being pregnant is amazing, in my case I didn’t feel any morning sickness or particular cravings at the beginning. Just one time, for a strawberry juice that didn´t last in my stomach more than 5 minutes.

Everybody act super special and condescending, personally I tried during my all pregnancy to be independent and continue to be active as possible, yes! Even dancing ballet, doing yoga and working.

But the changes in your body are very obvious. I started to gain weight more than was recommended, by –standards- you´re supposed to gain no more than 10kg in your whole pregnancy. However I won a total of 20kg! Which is A LOT for a person that weight 50kg! I am sure that my OB wanted to kill me! Hahaha

Your body stops being yours to be on rent, is like you have a tenant living in your belly and that is really loud in terms of showing what are their likes and dislikes! Takes control of your moods and tastes.

In a way you even lose your memory and ability to analyze things, and it is ok! Woman you're too busy building new organs! To remember where you left the keys.

Add to all this that everybody is trying to touch your belly, giving tips, suggestions, and you want to know everything that is going to happen to your body day a day and started to read and research! Ending completely anxious and afraid! With more questions than answers! Because really! Nobody knows what to expect because every experience is different! Every baby is unique! And the true is that times flies and is better to spend this irreplaceable time embracing your body, your live and this opportunity that life is giving to you!

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