Screens, Not Before 2 years old

My decisions as a mother have always been based on information, love and my best intentions, such as most moms do.

That have implied a lot of researching, reading and self improving to avoid repeating patterns unconsciously.

Big disclaimer- I am totally thankful of the way my parents raised me. I am totally sure they did their best with their tools they had at this moment and they did everything with love.

But times has changed and for better or for worse now we have more information and our cotidianity involves the use of technology all the time, so in consequences we have to deal with many problems that didn't exist when we were kids.

Let's be honest, do you think that your mom took 1 minute to investigate about any medicine she gave you once? or question your doctor´s recipes?

We are a different generation, with different problems, such as how to limit the screen time to our kids since they are very little.

Is not a secret, that sometimes we are in a party and there are more people talking on their cellphones than talking with the people that are next to them. The same happens to kids, that are constantly exposed to screen that affects their brain development.

So, I decided to join the motion of no screens before 2 years old. But moms, lets be honest

we can't maintain our kids isolated from the real world! we have to find some balance here! Believing in something doesn't mean that have to be judging other moms in this subject, remember we are humans.

So if you see a mom eating with a friend or partner and the the little one is with a tablet dont start criticizing and assuming that the kid is always alone watching tv! Maybe they just needed 10 minutes to talk! we all need it sometimes.

I take this opportunity to share some studies and articles on the effects of screens on child development.

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