Wait Until You Have Your Second Baby...

Is it actually easier with the second one?

The answer is Yes and No!

On one hand, just when you think you have this whole parenting gig figured out, the second baby comes along to change everyone’s life. Believe it! no matter how many people you speak to or how many books your read, you will never be full prepared for this changes.

When you have your first one, even though at the beginning you feel a completely mess. You can still preserve some of your pre-mom lifestyle. It is easier to find someone that could help you with one kid to have a night out, or even a small trip.

But when there are two, is the double work and even less time to do it. So mostly the time that gets more sacrificed it’s time to pamper yourself and ´to share with your partner. It´s an adjustment for every family member.

But not everything is negative, despite the difficulties that every change and challenge represents, at the end the gratifications for your family and kids will remember you that everything has been worth it.

All the fears and doubts about how to take care of a newborn are far behind, and this less anxious feelings will allow you to enjoy even more every stage and step of your new born. Now you have experienced how fast they grow! And what’s really important.

As both kids start to get to know each other, it will start to grow an amazing interaction and relationship that will give them more independence. That at the end will also give you more free time when they are bigger and start to play together and have more things in common.

It´s just about real expectations and timing. When you have a new born it is important to understand than maybe your house won’t be organized as it used to, and there will have to be many compromise from everyone in the family, including the little ones.

Also, regarding the true expectations, it is important to have a clear idea that every human being is unique, so don’t expect the same reactions, personality and routines on your new baby.

Embrace it and instead of apart your older child take the opportunity to make it part of all the process at the end is not just your baby it will be the new family member.

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