Siblings Love - How To Avoid Jealousy?

The welcoming of a new family member doesn´t start the day the baby is born. On the contrary, when we have a second baby the more we involves the family in the process the easiest will be the relationship and routine when the baby arrive.

Without a doubt a good relationship between siblings could be the most beautiful thing is it is manage correctly from the beginning. I said I could because a lot will depends of the parents approach. Many times without knowing with our actions and words we are generating competition and rivalry among our children.

Some important tips to enhance positive relationships between family members

*it is important to keep in mind that in sibling relationships, no one is an example of anyone. Simply because they cannot be compared because each one has his own personality, attitudes and aptitudes that instead of comparing we must promote it.

*The welcome of the new baby does not start when it is born but from the first months of pregnancy. When we must explain to our children about what is happening and above all involve them in the process. By involving them, they will show more interest.

*An excellent way to make a topic that can be very abstract for the little ones is telling them stories from when they were little.

*Many times the feeling of guilt for not being able to dedicate so much time to our older children leads us to please them more or to treat them as if they were younger. For example my son already ate alone and now I give him food. This is a serious mistake because in some way we also affect their self-esteem and independence.

*it is important to be aware of changes. Children are very sensitive to these, so we should not make major changes in the months prior to the arrival of the baby, but rather make them beforehand so that they have enough time to adapt.

Since many times when we seek to make important changes such as potty training or eliminate some habit, we may be seeing later a regression in their conduct.

*Try to establish clear routines before the baby arrives so that everyone is used to it.

I will not get tired of saying it -involve them is the key-, make them feel important and part of this new stage.

*Find time to spend with your other children, even if it's 5 minutes a day where they know they have your full attention and where they can share those things they used to do together.

*Always keep in mind the importance of communication, each child is different and it is important that they feel taken into account and understood. That Their emotions are important. Adapting to changes takes time, so be patient. Always explain to them everything, especially about the fact that the new baby, being the smallest one, will need your attention just as he had it when he was a baby.

It is in our hands to create a friendly family environment for all members of the family.

At the end, the most valuable thing we have is our family so it´s really important the value it and understand since they are very little.

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