Signs That Your Child Is Ready To Potty Train

Since my baby's second birthday, I have been reading a lot about the process of leaving the diapers, a super important milestone.

I have tried in two occasions to leave my daughter naked all day long, as the books recommend, so she can start practicing with the potty. But totally honest she wasn't ready yet.

So, to avoid freaking out about it and forced your baby into something is not ready for, first check for this signs.

Remember there is no universal time to start this process, every children is different and some could be ready at 18 months and other 36 months.

  • should be able to follow simple instructions

  • show them the potty and let them interact with it, and found out if it shows some interest

  • your kid tell you when they need to pee or poop?

  • should be able to pull their pants up and down

  • most of the kids start showing signs of dislike of dirty diapers

Always respect your child process while adjusting to this new stage. Remember that could feel some attach to the diaper since is the only thing they used since they are born. Experts don't recommend the use of pull ups because your kid won't understand the difference between regular diapers and those, but again every kid is different.

In case of some accident react peacefully without over reacting. And expect setbacks and accidents, is a process that takes time, but stay positive and be patient. Forget about those myth that says that it is a perfect age or time for potty train or that boys are harder to train than girls.

I recommend Oh Crap! Potty Training book!!. What I like about this method is that it offers you a step by step guide. A completely detail process that start with a totally naked stage, follow by clothes without undies, an so on…

They idea at the beginning is to decode your kids sign that show you he is going to pee. So you can be more assertive and offer the potty at the right time. In my case, while I was asking constantly and pushing her to go to pee, she didn't like it, so avoid being to pushy.

Although the potty should always be by your side! and because everything is practice, the author recommend to give a lot of water the first days, to increase the repetition. Other thing that I found really interesting is that no all kids go in the same way, for example some go many times, others accumulate more.

With my daughter I learned that she mostly pee 10 minutes after drinking water. Also, she always asked for privacy. So, when I see the signs I offer her the potty but also give her the space so she could feel more relax.

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