Updated: Feb 20, 2020

I don´t know yours but my baby wasn´t that sleepy during the first months!

Actually, for me the hardest part of being a MOM was so many sleepless nights. I through that at times I was going to go creazy. I was so tired that I was super irritable, clumsy and forgetful.

Everyone says, sleep when your baby sleeps. But if I do it, then when do I eat?, when do I cook?, what about a bath?. there were times that I asked myself, what´s your priority now?. eat, sleep or go to the bathroom? but my answer was always SLEEP!

I started to value the importance of a good sleep, and the power of a nap. When you are a mom discovers that there is nothing more terrible that a tired baby!

The big mistake, don’t let them sleep during the day and then expect them to sleep through the night! BIG MYTH! There is nothing more difficult that to put sleep a tired baby.

So, it begins and the naps begin to be so important that you could spend HOURS seating in your car to avoid interrupting your baby´s precious magic nap.

With a baby is very important to initiate a good routines from the beginning. For me given her a bath before bed was a beautiful ritual, a time for connection. But also, a way of telling her that the next feeding was different because it was already night.

So there are some things that we can do to arrange their biological clock and teach them day and night, such as lower the volume at night, dimmer the lights and apply the Babywise routine, EAT- PLAY- SLEEP.

The magic is that is the baby is tired will fall asleep easily while eating so it won’t eat and also won’t sleep longer enough because the stomach is empty! So change the process, and keep your baby awake while eating.

A MUST! On Becoming Baby Wise Book! Totally game changer!

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