Sugar Love!

Updated: Feb 20, 2020

This amazing pic and cookies are from @delicatessepostres, made for my daughter first birthday! And also the first time my daughter ate sweets!

Yes! For someone’s could be impossible, but during one year I was totally committed to give my daughter all their food without adding any sugar and salt.

This was mostly a war with my husband who believed that sometimes she didn’t like the taste of some foods due the lack of salt. Big disclaimer my husband LOVE chocolate and always dreamed about sharing this –pleasure- with her.

But how can you miss something that you haven´t try!?

I believe in everything in moderation and I am trying my best to avoid the association between sweets and gratification.

Let be honest! I am form the generation that if I did something good I deserved the dessert and that skipping the dessert it was the biggest punishment!

I want my daughter to be able to choose and decide if she wants a candy or no, without the anxiety from does who sees it as something prohibited but also be clear about of the importance of eating also vegetables and fruits.

How can we achieve it? With the example, First of all we all eat the same food in every meal and we eat at the table all together at the same time! Fun Fact, my daughter even check our plates to be sure that is the same for everyone. I think that this is very life changing, not only motivate her to eat but also give her a lot of independence and help with the learning process of the use of utensils.

In my house I try to buy mostly healthy food, she sees that in every meal we ate some vegetables, that in the morning we eat fruits. Everything with respect, allowing her to choose what she like and dislike but giving to her the option to try new things.

Actually, she is very on board of strong flavors such as truffle, blue cheese and olive. And she also like things that I don’t like such as raisins!

She is not much a sweet tooth… and I am ok with that! She loves broccoli but also change their likes very constant so the trick is to offer the vegetables in different ways!

I have to confess that all this have been a process, I have always being very fan of healthy food and vegetables, but I was very nervous about the Baby Led Weaning process. So I did mostly a mix.

I started with some fruit puree and only when I felt comfortable I started with more chunks! All this techniques require knowledge but also time and patience, because it involve A LOT of mess!

Suggestion, learn from the pro! Such as @verdelicius and find what’s better for you and your baby!

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