The classic Excuse, I don’t have time!

Updated: Jan 28, 2020

This was my answer when someone asked me, do you read? But the truth is that now that I am a mom and a have less time than ever, is when I have dedicated more time to reading books! So is mainly a motivation thing.

Now I am truly fan of audiobooks that in apps such as Audible, have a fresh narration in most cases by their own author, so very recommended!

Starting with one of my favorites is *No Bad Kids by Janet Lansbury*. It's really an easy guide of how to educate your kids based on a Positive discipline. What I love the most is that even though the book is very explicit on why is important and how it will help in the developing of child to be raised in this kind of discipline, also it gives a step to step examples of how to act according to different scenarios.

But it´s also important to understand that this is not only a process for your child is actually more a change of behavior on the parents, because we were raised in a very different environment and there are many unconscious things that we repeat in an automatic way.

The book is very emphatic about creating routines that will allows to understand our kids' behaviors, is important that during a Tantrum, you first make a mental checkup about why could be the real reason of this crying. Maybe your baby is just hungry or tired.

Don’t take it personally, is normal that as parents that are always giving the extra miles for our kids, start judging ourselves and questioning - what I am doing wrong?, but avoid getting emotional, is not against you. The truth is that there are just asking for limits, which is totally find and actually healthy!

Understand that no matter their age they understand everything. So talked to them in a very calm voice, with no too much words. Don’t take it to another level but also don’t under estimate their actions.

The best way is to always show them love, made them feel appreciate and secure, and avoid leaving alone a crying kid, time out or answer a violent behavior with violence.

But most important never forget that true love is also say No!

There are things that can’t be negotiables and is also Ok!

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