The Hard Comeback At The End Of Maternity Leave

Updated: Feb 20, 2020

In maternity everything is like a rollercoaster, when you feel that you're getting used to a situation and starting to have more control, the unexpected shows up! and everything changes!

First there is the adjusting to the new member of the family, and then when you start understanding the process BAM! Appears the first growth sprout! Is a never ending process.

Don't forget that as humans we also have a tendency to take things for granted and focus on the negative side rather than the positive… and this happens a lot in motherhood...

Is not that I wasn't happy...Don't get me wrong I totally loved all the special moments that I shared with my baby at home, learning, understanding and getting to know each other, but sometimes i Felt I little trap between diapers, breastfeeding and routine…

And the truth is that time passed so fast, that sooner than later my daughter was already 3 months old, and was time to return to work.

But the truth is that I wasn't ready to let go of my baby to another person and return to my old office. For me this has been one of the hardest moments of maternity.Realizing that was time to go to work again was a really stressful time for me.

My baby was just 3 months old and all the sudden I had to leave this tiny person that has been the focus of all my attention for 9 months inside my belly and 3 months out of my belly 24/7!

We all have different reasons for having a full time job and nobody should judge that, but no matter the WHY, it is always hard to go back to work. It really nothing feels the same, the priorities have totally changed, and is actually the first time that you separated from your baby since was fecundated.

This post was intended to let you know that you are not the only one that felt this way. That I know how hard this moment is, and all that separation anxiety, fears and tears. And give you some tips that really help me through that moment.

* Evaluate your options, everything has positive and negative things. However the most important is to find what fits you best and give you more tranquility. There are plenty of daycares, babysitters, family members and even friends to take care of your baby, but what is the option that is better for you?

* Is REALLY important to have knowledge about your rights as a mom of a newborn. Is ok that your priority number one now is your baby.

* Learn about your right regarding breastfeeding! For example in Panama they just extended the time for breastfeeding from 6 months to a year, that means that means a lot! thank god people are starting to fight for this kind of change!

* Negotiate, negotiate, negotiate, no matter how the experience of your colleagues. ask for what you want! People are more willing to adapt, help and be more flexible, than you think. More now than ever that companies are more conscious about the value of having a happy employee.

You have the rest of your life to put your professional life as a priority, but your baby will be a new born just once! and remember that time is better quality than quantity… take advantage of every minute that you have to spend with your baby and make great memories together!

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