The Importance Of Good Routines

In motherhood there is really a before and after the baby. Many things that we swear we will never do we end up doing it and the other way around.

Specially with routines and habits, many of us dream of having a totally free motherhood with now strict schedules.

The truth is that routines allow us to have more predictability and understand what really needs the baby when is a newborn and later to avoid tantrums.

Routines is an excellent way to have more control. Is not that I want to sell you my point of view. But is actually really amazing how a good routine could help you to raise your kids in a more relaxed ambience.

Actually no matter how open and flexible you want to be even with breastfeeding your baby we start to show you some patterns, they autoregulated themself as part of their maturity process.

I remember, when my baby was one month old, I had an app to record everytime that she asked for ate and I changed a diaper, at that moment mostly about my exhaustion.

But at the end was a great tool to realize that she was asking for food every so often, and that help me to also understand the signals and my baby's needs.

This could sound a little silly for those moms with two or more kids, but the truth is that when you are a new mom is hard sometimes to decipher when your baby is crying because is hungry, tired or any other reason.

So, this a simple way to make your life a little easier, it's like learning to uncode their needs and patterns and it that way will be easier to satisfy their needs.

Another cool tips to understand and translate your baby´s gesture are their hands, they says a lot depending if there are open or with a fist.

Also if you want to raise your child based on positive psychology, good routines are also a great way to avoid tantrums. Because many times the reason of those inexplicable cryings are other reasons than just spoils.

So asking to yourself questions like, is my baby tired? did he sleep good last night? is he hungry? could be a great way to avoid this unpleasant moments.

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