The New You After Becoming A Mom

The day your baby was born it also was born a new mom, a new you, a new woman.

The transformation within your body continues. Your organs have to return to their original place, your energies are totally focus on a new life, creating milk but also involved in an inexplicable love that change your life forever.

Your way of seeing life, your partner, your body and even your own parents will be totally different. You start to understand the real meaning of everything your parents did. You become totally empathetic with every mom even if you don't know her.

You even feel pain for every baby around the world. But above at all you discovered what you are able to do in order to keep your baby out of any danger and keep it safe.

Every pain that your baby suffers is also yours. and every smile turns your heart bigger and give sense to your life. A new baby turns your world upside down, changing your lifestyle, interest, priorities and goals.

As a new mom I discovered parts of me that I didn't know before, a more empathetic, vulnerable and conscious woman.

So, this is mostly a reminder to be kind to yourself, to understand that the process is not only for your baby and that as a mom you are also developing in a new role that will require time and experience to get used to it. Being a mother does not imply leaving you aside and losing your identity. When a child is born, a mother is also born, which requires care, attention and, above all, love and understanding.

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