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Updated: Mar 11, 2020

The day arrived and it was time for kindergarten! BIG WORDS!

In a family full of teachers like mine, everyone was asking when is she going to start the school? But at that moment all my fears came to my mind.

Actually, I didn't know that I was so fearful until I became a Mom…

I was sure that it was the best option for her, it was time to be with other kids, play, have fun for a couple of hours .. But my heart found all the reasons to postpone this new stage…

I discovered that every change and beginning for my daughter is also a new beginning for me.

But I am doing my best to not transferring my fears to my kids, I want them to be fearless, happy and independent.

So, I had to swallow all my fears, and focused on the positive things and shopping! I spent time looking for all the things that my daughter will need for school. At the end of the post there is a list with the basics for school!

But the most important thing I found is a school that really goes according to my values and lifestyle!

When looking for a school or a kindergarten, there is not the perfect option for everyone, but you can find the right for you!

I am super happy with my selection because I found a place where my kid feels happy and secure, but also goes according to my values and lifestyle!

What do I mean?

• Encourages the development of life skill through a positive discipline philosophy

• involves the family in their projects

• Gives importance to learning through the game.

• Last but not least promote a HEALTHY DIET! Yes yes yes! More fruits! Less sugar!

These are things that maybe for other parents are not important, and that's ok! But for me it is a total deal breaker.


*My favorites Back Packs are Skip Hop, good price, quality and size. And also have super cute designs that came as a set and includes lunch box and water bottle.

*Snack Box. Now with the trend of Bento Box, I found this really cute and practical box, perfect to create a great morning snack for your kids avoiding to send many toppers and get all food mixed. Great for teachers too! I recommend this brand that is not too expensive, have great design and different sizes.

*I also include inside the lunch box a fork and spoon set and a small silicone placemat.

*Aprons to avoid avoid staining all clothes during all the amazing activities that your kid will be doing during school time. This style I found it easy to put and easy to clean, and also covers a lot!

*Sticker labels, which I bought customized by @namebubbles which I totally recommend! They also have special labels for the clothes, and packs for daycares and bigger kids. Here is the link

Also, some tips to improve your kid immune system and my experience

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