The True Beginning

Updated: Feb 20, 2020

Generally we create projects in life that allow us to feel successful some way.

Trying to be parents is one of the biggest projects in life, but contrary to the rest no one really prepares you, and doesn´t matter how many books you read how healthy you think you are or how many tips everyone gave you, is a big lottery.

There is people that without trying in just one time they are pregnant and there are others that have to try a little harder. But is like you won’t be able to know it until you try it!

We decided to try and the miracle happened, everything was going according our plans! But then all the fears and questions started to appear. Should I call and tell my friends? Should I wait until my doctor says everything is ok? Should I wait until the third months?

But I couldn’t wait! We were so happy! That I wanted to tell everyone but on the other side it felt like something so valuable that I was really aware to whom I was saying it. I am not sure if it were the hormones but I started to believe in every energy, sign that life gave me at that moment.

So at the end what was supposed to be the conclusion of a big project, actually was just the beginning of a new life.

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