Time To Go Back To Work. Tips to find balance between work and maternity

I know how hard this could be. Believe me! but also, I can tell you that it is possible…

The most important thing is to acknowledge your feelings, is it ok to feel sad, concern, worried, cranky or all at the same time.

For this reason and many more it is important to give you time to get used to the new routine.

Me time

It's important to also put in the agenda time for me. it is key to stay healthy emotionally and physically. Don't leave you aside and forget about yourself.

Now more than ever you have to be active so there is no time to get sick, arrange time to do some exercise and eat healthy. Taking care of you is part of understanding process that you are a mom but that doesn't mean you are not a woman anymore.

Our emotions are everything so feel pretty and happy with what you see in front of the mirror is part of the deal.

Social Media Fantasy

Stop comparing to others, especially the ones that are just in social media, where EVERYTHING can be edit, transform and fake. We all know that there are many perfect moms, but is not the majority and you don't have to be one of them.

Quality Time

The best gift that we could give to our kids is a happy environment, where they could feel loved and secure. Also, keep in mind that the most important thing is not necessary to spend all day long with them but spending quality time.

Negotiate, negotiate, negotiate.

Do not be predisposed by the experience of others, show your ability and commitment so you can negotiate at work. Know your rights.

In many countries there is special time for breast-feed, that includes flexible time, special break during the journey, and more. Take time to look for this information that will be very value at this time.

Maternity is a team game where Organization is the KEY

Order your priorities and look for support in your family, partner, husband or even your children. Involve other family members and accept that sometimes you will need to ask them for help, and this doesn't mean you are doing something wrong.

Love and be kind to yourself

Accept your limitations but also celebrate your achievements every day!

and enjoy the moment soon your baby will be a teenager and the problems will be others.

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