Transitioning from Crib to a Toddler Bed

When we have a baby, everyday feels very long, but on the contrary the months pass so fast that sometimes it takes us by surprise how fast they grow. Suddenly you realize that your baby is independent, he talks, but he still sleeps in the crib.

There are things in motherhood that nobody really talks about it, and doesn't have a specific time frame.

So, One day I started wondering, when was the right time or what where the indicators that my baby was ready to leave the crib.

I must confess that when things are already taking their routine, as is the case with your son's sleep routines, I avoid making any changes that may cause a setback in the process.

Furthermore, although we do not always keep it in mind, children are very susceptible to change, and therefore everything should be done progressively and involving them.

Actually, the first reason that I started to consider this change, was because my daughter was already on potty training.

So, if I was thinking about doing it at night she should be able to climb out of the bed by herself. But I was a little concern of her reaction.

It is really a big step, that give your little one a lot of independence and I heard many funny and horror stories of how their kids were found on the yard at midnight, for example.

But there are things in life that are going to happen eventually, so why postpone it. The crib graduation have many positive things for your kid. However always be sure that your kid is mature enough for this big milestone.

A crib whether they like it or not is a place where they feel safe and protected and allow you to have more control as parent. Be sure to take all the safety measures first. above all things no one knows your child more than you, so remove all temptation from their reach.

Some experts recommend to wait until your kids is between 3 and two and a half to make the transition, in order to avoid tantrums and night crying a 3-year-old is more likely to be able to understand the staying in bed at night.

Did you know that the one of the most reasons that parents decide to make this change sooner is to avoid accidents? Many babies are really good at climbing and love to jump out of the crib in the middle of the night.

And as with any change, be sure to explain, talk to your child, involve him in the process. In addition to trying to be as progressive as possible and if possible motivate him perhaps with new sheets, pillows, or some object related to the bed that may be of interest to him.

Keep in mind that a new bed does not necessarily imply a new routine, try to keep everything as routine as possible so that the change does not affect your little one.

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