Tummy Time, When To start?

Tummy time it's an excellent way to exercise upper-body muscles, helping with motor development. Your baby's development involves reaching different milestones that include rolling over, sitting up, crawling and walking.

As many grandma says, many times the reason that the baby hasn’t start crawling is because of lack of floor time, referring to the moments we led our baby to experience and interact with the outside world in a tummy position.

When to start?

The sooner you start, the easiest will be to your baby to adapt to this new routine. Generally, babies don’t like at first. This is why you have to start slow, no more than 3 minutes at the beginning and the gradually increase the amount of time.

Make it fun! Put some elements to catch the attention of your baby and think about his comfort. Look for the right time, is important that your baby is well-rested. Remember that for him this implies a big effort and amount of energy.

Get involved in the process and make it a play and especial time with your baby. The idea Is to create a positive association with the tummy time. A great way to start, is putting your baby facing the ground in your chest, while you are lying on your back with a 45 degree angle.

When your baby is a little bit bigger you could start rolling up with a towel. The idea is to motivate him to raise his head.

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