Updated: Feb 20, 2020

We live in a world of judgements, but generally the strongest judgments come from ourselves...And the truth is that there are many things that we can’t control. In my different roles in life i try to give my best but there are things out of reach.

For example...I try to teach my daughter to be a kind and a Loving girl. However she doesn’t like to give kisses!

Since she was very little she has been very clear about how important is to respect her personal space. She is very sweet but doesn’t like to give kisses, hugs are ok! But kisses are out of line.

We try in many ways to show her the importance of being loving. And even one day my mom told me that the reason she didn’t like to give kisses it was because i didn’t teach her....and i was really affected by that comment...

As i said we are always trying to do our best, and nothing hurts more that someone questioning our mother skills and even more if it is your own mother.

But i let go and i actually decided to be respectfully about it! And accepted that my kid is little human being with her own personality.

And the day arrived- She came and gave me my first kiss! (Big exclamation points!!!) And i have to confess that was amazing!!! Because i didn’t ask for it. She came in the most genuine way and surprise me with it!

Once again, motherhood and my daughter taught me that there are many ways to be kind, loving and to demonstrate love to others! Rather than with just a kiss, and now she feels free to give kisses when she wants and whom she wants, but now after the kiss she clean here mouth in its very unique way! jajaja but at least is something!

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