Validate Their Emotions!

Updated: Feb 20, 2020

We always try to stop a crying kid saying –nothing happened, everything is ok!- but is it the right way of doing it?

Once on a mommy and me class, some kid hit my daughter and my reaction was to say- don’t worry everything is ok! And the teacher told me – is not ok, she was hit, and she has the right of feeling hurt, sad or even angry!

And she was totally right! We have to teach our kids that is not normal to be hit by someone.

Is ok to feel sometimes sad and angry. And give them the tools so they learn how to react and express their emotions.

Remember that a happy kid is not the one that has all the toys they want, is the one that value the time with its family, feels secure, loved and enjoy the little things in life.

So teach with your actions! They are always watching us and we are their biggest role models!

Start playing with them, being happy and show them love!

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