What A New Mom Really Needs

Updated: Mar 11, 2020

I have been thinking a lot about what were my needs during the quarantine, and after many hours of making a big recap. I realize that what we really want at this unique moment are the simplest things.

Understanding from your loved ones. There are too many changes at the same moment, you are rediscovering yourself as a mom and as a new human being. All your body energies are focused on producing milk, your organs are trying to go back to their original place, plus all the normal hormonal changes.

Emotional support. Yes, sometimes we will start crying for no reasonable reason, and we need a shoulder, a hug and a kiss. We need someone that could put everything on perspective and says -Everything is going to be alright-

Patience. Too many nights without sleep, we become clumsy, forgetful and sometimes even grumpy.

Help. YES YES YES! someone that could give us a hand to clean our house, cook, do some laundry and grocery shopping will be amazing!

TIME! offer yourself to take care of the baby at least for a minute so the mommy could take a shower, eat some hot food, take a nap or even go out for a fresh air. We all need some vitamin D once in a while.

So if you are visiting a new mom, be empathic and remember all those things that maybe you already lived or you will be so lucky to have the opportunity to experience.

No matter what, being a Mom is a miracle and an invaluable gift that changes you for life forever...

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