Yeah! He called me a Witch

Updated: Feb 20, 2020

Being a mother these days surrounded by too much information, sources and products, is really overwhelming. All this information allows us to choose what kind of parents we want to be.

But one thing is clear and common to all moms: no matter where we live, what we do or our likes and dislikes. We are all looking for new options to improve the quality of life of our family and our children.

As a mom, looking to be the superhero that we are supposed to be these days. I try to be careful with the sources of my information, so I try to look for books, but without time I always choose audiobooks.

In this search, I found the world of essential oils and immediately fell in love with the incredible properties and benefits. But, on the other hand, I was very skeptical about which brand to choose and refuses to be part of those groups, than more of a community feels like a sect.

Don't get me wrong, I love to share, talk, but I also like to create my own opinion and I don't feel that peer pressure to think or act in a specific way.

One thing led me to another and I ended up in a very casual presentation of Doterra oils, and I said why not! I already have many essential oils but they promise knowledge! Let's try!

So now, I believed in the benefits of the essential oils but how could I make my husband to believe in something like this?

My baby was already feeling good from a flu, but my husband was still feeling down, taking many pills, until he decided to give it a try! The result, He still call me witch but now! he asks for the oils!

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