Your Child’s Teeth and The Dental Hygiene

As every routine in life, the sooner we get used to it the better. The same happen with our kids and tooth care.

Before becoming a Mom I always assumed that the beginning of brushing teeth and the whole mouth hygiene had to star with the appearance of new teeth. But actually it is important to clean you baby mouth even before it and take care of their gums. Of course without using tooth paste, but with a gently gauze.

In this will you will not only protect you baby against germs, but also It will allow your baby to get used to this type of cleaning and that as a mom you can manipulate his mouth without feeling uncomfortable.

As you know as they grow, increasingly developing and showing more personality that will result in many cases in a resounding no when performing routines to which they are not used to.

Many believe that as this teeth are not permanent and will fall out eventually, there is not so necessary to protect them. However, as I said the sooner we teach our kids to take care of their mouth hygiene the better.

A healthy baby teeth actually help protect the space where permanent teeth will grow in. a cavity on a baby teeth can lead to problem with the permanent teeth.

The ideal is to teach them the habit to brush their teeth at least twice a day. This shouldn´t be so hard, taking into consideration that Monkey see, Monkey do. So if they see you doint it every morning, they could even want to doing it voluntary.

Other important topic that you should check with your doctor is when to start using toothpaste with fluoride, and the quantity. There are many opinion regarding this topic. But the must important thing is to start brushing!

And be sure to check that your little one is doing the job right. Actually I personally try to doing it first and then I leave her the option to finish it. Because, my daughter is in that phase where she wants to do everything by herself.

Remember to doing it fun, maybe with a doing, dancing, with a toothpaste with their favorite character, and make it part of the daily routine.

And remember in order to keep cavities away it is important also to control de sugar consumption, limit candy as possible and have an annual appointment with the dentist to check everything is good.

I would love to share with you this song that my daughter love!

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